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                 We deliver a a high quality, unique design with a dynamic and changeable ideas with identifying of the different client requirements. And guarantee you the best after service that can obtain by any means. And also we share the best offer received for us and give the benefit to the client and make them happy in the end of the day and successful and bring their dreams to the real world. 

SL Creates Web Designs & Development

Modern marketing and business development trends, always required to have a proper web site or at least a single page portfolio site to open up your business, company in digital space. 

Hear is a major change in society, that people always used to find anything they need over google or social media, specially facebook, twitter.

So join with SL Creates and get your web site and have a life changing boost to your business. 

Special features in SL Creates

Standard Web Packages


Most Economic Package
suitable for blogs& portfolio sites

Stater Plan


Most Popular Package
Suitable for a startup business

Business Plan


Most Advance Package
Suitable for key feature Marketing

Ultimate Plan

Need Help?


Most of the clients have some common doubts

Will you provide domain and hosting?

Yes. We Provide Free domain and hosting for 1 year and after one year on wards client have to pay the renewal fee. And the cost for renewal will be depend on the package you select in the renewal. 

Can I get what ever the domain I need from you?

It depends on the availability. And also if you need a premium domain, then the free package not apply to you. So you have to purchase the domain by your self. 

How can I start?

You can purchase from the bellow package or contact us and we will offer you a custom offer, after a payment done we send you a agreement form and that will include all the payment details, dates, package details and received note. 

Can I change the initial package after one year?

Yes. Definitely you can. As per the initial start we provide the best and economic hosting solution, but if you thing you need more options, after one year or in the mean time you can change the hosting package.

How Long it will take to complete?

For a basic package we definitely deliver with in one week. And for more advance sites we will take more than a week and we have do discuss about that.

What security do I have after payment ?

We have connected all of my social media pages, google my business page, and also you will get an agreement form from our side just after the payment done and that will be a legal form.  And also we have different options as well.Contact us for more details.